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San Augustine High School Principal

Students deserve quality instruction in an active and stimulating environment with ample opportunities to interact. Curriculum should be developed and delivered in a way that embodies the highest standards of excellence. My ultimate goal is to provide our students with essential knowledge, encourage and develop critical thinking skills, and stimulate their natural curiosity. Making a difference in the life and learning of each and every child we teach is a calling that drives me to constantly perfect our teaching. I am a diligent and dedicated learner, eager to discover new ideas. That excitement is part of who I am and how I teach students and staff.

My goal is to develop a student-centered environment. I want our students to actively participate. When planning lessons, I want the teachers to identify objectives and goals, articulate the rationale of each, and design a plan that stresses critical thinking to foster deep learning and utilizes collaborative, “real-world” problem solving. Activities are designed to help students develop skills transferable across disciplines. I encourage teachers to incorporate a variety of methods of delivery and evaluation of student progress, including expecting students to evaluate their own progress. A rigorous curriculum that incorporates student interests fosters motivation and stimulates a passion to learn. Thorough preparation and high enthusiasm are cornerstones of effective teaching; successful teachers are committed and dedicated to improving themselves and their students. I consider myself a lifelong learner and promote that attitude with all of our students.

It is essential that our students feel they have a voice. Feelings, attitudes, and concerns are an integral part of who they are, and to develop a desire to learn, students must feel that that they are heard, so I listen. I hope to leave our students stronger and more confident, and with the curiosity to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Helping students to develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others and their environment requires a thoughtful approach to discipline. I maintain high, yet achievable expectations, and encourage students to overachieve. I recognize that students learn in different ways and respond individually to the needs of each student. I try to convey a sense of wonder and adventure in learning.

Learning is a serious business and I do my best to convey that attitude to my students. I actively promote responsibility and run a tight ship on campus, but work to keep the atmosphere inviting with the use of light humor. I also work to establish a sense of urgency. Staff and students have so little time together, and there is no time to waste on unproductive activities. I have found that I can ask a great deal from our students if I am open, fair in what I expect, and equitable in actions toward them.

Teaching is a lifelong process of learning about new philosophies and new strategies, learning from parents and the community, from colleagues, and especially from the children. Teaching combines knowledge, skill, passion and compassion. Education is my life.
I am a native of San Augustine and graduated from San Augustine High School in 1983. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1986 and began my teaching career with San Augustine ISD. After teaching for several years, I completed graduate school at Lamar University. With 32 years experience, I continue to grow and learn about this great community and have an endearing passion for what I do. I am grateful to be a part of the Wolfpack family.

My other passions include my three grown children and two precious grandchildren. I am an animal lover and outdoor enthusiast, but most of all I am an excited educator and love my hometown!