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The Pre-K Student of the Month for October was Emeri Ellerbe. Emeri is the daughter of Chelsi Cartwright and the granddaughter of Carol Cartwright. Emery is in the PK classroom with Mrs. Lisa Crouch and Jodi Hoffman. She can count to 100 and knows the names of the upper and lowercase letters. Emeri is honest, kind, and considerate. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her brothers and riding horses.

The Kindergarten Student of the Month for October was Jer’Kyrian Holman. He was chosen because he shows integrity and is a great role model for our other students. He is always eager to help and is kind and very polite to everyone. Jer’Kyrian is the son of Ashley Holman and he is in Mrs. Rachel Beauchamp’s class.

The 1st grade Student of the Month for October was ZaRiyah Garrett.  ZaRiyah is a very well mannered young lady who never gets into trouble. She is very smart and is a hard worker and does her best at whatever it is she is doing so she can keep making those excellent grades! ZaRiyah is the daughter of Cyreetha and Zachery Garrett and she is in Mrs. Janna Williams’ class.

The 2nd grade Student of the Month for October was Talaijyah Roland. Our “Big Idea” is integrity, and she definitely is full of the right stuff. Her favorite subject is writing and she is really good at it. At home she enjoys playing with her Legos. She loves them! Talaijyah wants people to know that she is a good girl and she is really smart. She is also really good at home. She really deserves to be Student of the Month. Talaijyah is the daughter of Tametrice Garrett and Jessie Roland and she is in Mrs. Maureen Carlton’s class.

The 3rd grade Student of the Month for October was Maria Mendoza. Maria is an outstanding student inside the classroom. She shows great leadership skills by setting a positive example for her classmates and peers around her. She helps the other students with assignments or projects if they need assistance after she has completed her work. Maria is responsible, attentive, and well behaved. Maria is the daughter of Maria Mendoza and Telesforo Mendoza and she is in Ms. Ve’Shun Lacy’s homeroom.

The 4th grade Student of the Month for October was Brookline Barnes. She is a driven young lady-always focused on her schoolwork and striving to do her very best. Her favorite subject is math. She enjoys spending time with her family. She is aspiring to be an orthodontist as an adult. Brookline is a perfect example of our value of integrity. Her parents are Tory and Jacqueline Barnes.

The 5th grade Student of the Month for October was Miguel Gomez.  He is a student who enjoys movies, graphic novels, and spending quality time with his family. Miguel was chosen for student of the month for his integrity. Miguel shows true integrity by doing the right thing even when no one sees it and never doing anything that compromises his convictions or brings anything less than honor to his situation. What a joy to have him in class! Miguel is the son of Alma Rocha and Miguel Gomez Sr.


Front Row - Emeri Ellerbe (Pre-K) and ZaRiyah Garrett (1st)

Middle Row - Maria Mendoza (3rd), Talaijyah Roland (2nd), Miguel Gomez (5th) and Brookline Barnes (4th)

Back Row - Melody Jenkins (SAES Asst. Principal) and Becky Whitton (SAES Principal)

Not Pictured: Jer’Kyrian Holman (K)




The 6th grade Student of the Month for October was Synia Garner.  Synia comes to class everyday prepared to learn and with a good attitude. She is studious and never gives her assignments anything less than her best effort. She is kind and is happy to help others whenever she can. Synia's hobbies are reading and making up stories. Her favorite things to do are to play games with her friends and family and to help others. When Synia grows up, she wants to be a teacher. She is thinking about going to college in Huntsville at SHSU or in Nacogdoches at SFA. Synia is the daughter of Alex and Ideria Garner.

The 7th grade Student of the Month for October was Joshua Roland.  Joshua is always polite and respectful. He is a great listener and strives for high academics in every class. When he arrives for class, he is prepared and is a good example to his peers. In Joshua’s free time, he enjoys playing basketball with his friends and playing his PlayStation. When Joshua grows up, he would like to be an NBA player. Joshua is the son of Travis and DeConda Roland.

The 8th grade Student of the Month for October was Maggie Miller.  Maggie always enters the classroom eager to work. She is very nice and helpful in the classroom and enjoys helping her peers in the class with things they may struggle with. Maggie likes basketball and enjoys fishing as much as she can. After graduating Maggie plans to go to college to become a pediatric surgeon. Maggie is the daughter of Ben and Jade Miller.



The 9th grade Student of the Month for October was Sandra Yanez. Sandra is the daughter of Juan and Jackie Yanez. Sandra is involved in band, cross country, and student council. She enjoys running, drawing and coloring in her free time. Her favorite subject is science. After graduating Sandra plans to go to college and pursue a degree in the medical field. She would like to become either a paramedic or a nurse.

The 10th grade Student of the Month for October was Stadriana Watts.  Stadriana is the daughter of Stacy and Lyndorie Watts. She is an honor student who is dedicated to her education. She is class president and liked by all of her peers and teachers. Outside of school she is involved with her community by means of church and family business. She enjoys singing, dancing, reading, writing and shopping. After graduating, Stadrianna plans to attend Baylor University where she will pursue a bachelor's and master’s degree in Psychology and minor in Social Work. She would like to become a pediatric therapist. 


The 11th grade Studetn of the Month for October was Casey Nance, Jr. Casey is the son of Casey and Kelly Nance. He is active in FFA, TSA, Student Council, Interact club and many others. His favorite subject is computer science and he really enjoys programming in Mr Schmeider’s class. After high school Casey plans to attend college to get a degree in computer science.


The 12th grade Student of the Month for October was Elsa Davila.  Elsa is the daughter of Juan Davila and Lydia Pacheco.  Elsa enjoys not only music, but performing as well on her French horn.  She is an avid writer, loves photography and visual arts and especially enjoys working with Mr. Schmieder as a junior webmaster.  Her favorite classes are Band, Yearbook, Art and Digital Communications.  Elsa plans to attend Texas A&M and major in Visualization.  After college she wants to specialize in Art Direction. Her teachers say she is not only a hard worker and creative, she is also a friend to all, respectful and a joy to teach!

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