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Wolf Power at Shelbyville Powelifting Invitational Meet

THSWPA Girls Individual Standings
105 Wt. Class - Cedriyah Holman 2nd Place
144 Wt. Class - Romegian Teagle 2nd Place
123 Wt. Class - Britney Bluford 4th Place
123 Wt. Class - Ardriah Mosby 5th Place
132 Wt. Class - Jessica Moreno 1st Place
148 Wt. Class - Chaztyn Suell 1st Place
165 Wt. Class - Kirsten Fletcher 3rd Place
181 Wt. Class - Jasmine Porter 1st Place
198 Wt. Cass - Erica Jenkins 3rd Place
220 Wt. Class - Taeyah Duncan 3rd Place
4th Wt. Class - Chadrika Price 4th Place
THSPA Boys Individual Standings
123 Wt. Class - Tyler Allen 1st Place
148 Wt. Class - Luis Landaverde 3rd Place
181 Wt. Class - Zack Garcia 3rd Place
198 Wt. Class - Carlos Acosta 2nd Place
SHW - Jose Ocon 2nd Place
Congratulations to everyone who placed at the meet! Keep lifting and let's go Wolf Nation!!!