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San Augustine County Fair Awards and Winners

Ag Mechanics:
Zay Harrison- Home Convenience Division Champion (Bed Frame) and Grand Champion Showman
Zay Harrison, Cameron Jenkins, Thomas Green- Overall High Point Ag Mech Project, Shop Equipment Division Champion 
Cameron Jenkins- 4th place Outdoor Cooking
TyPatrick Bluford & Quen Holman- 2nd place Outdoor Cooking (Smoker)
TyPatrick Bluford, Ryan Garsee, Kody Page, Hunter Carpenter- 2nd place Shop Equipment (Anvil Stand and Propane Forge)
Erica Jenkins & Breezy Hightower- 3rd place Home Convenience (Fire Place Set)
Kody Page- Coffee Table
Martavian Garrett- Flat Grill
Livestock Show:
Annah Morris:
Grand Champion Steer
Grand Champion Heifer
Champion Sr. Steer Showman
Champion Sr. Heifer Showman
Champion Sr. Market Goat Showman
6th place Market goat
Ryan Garsee: 8th place Market Goat
Khloie Hilton: 3rd place Market Rabbits
Erica Jenkins: 8th place Market Rabbits
Chasity Studdard- 9th place Market Rabbits
Macy Bennefield- 14th place Market Rabbits