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I am delighted to guide our high school students in acquiring important new skills in advanced technology, by teaching these courses: 1) Film-making (Audio/Video Production, Advanced A/Vi Production, 2) Dual-Credit College Courses, 3) Digital Arts (Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design), and, 4) Business Information Management I & II (using Microsoft Office). I am also honored to be the ongoing UIL coach for about 30 students in 6 different University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic teams, including Computer Applications, Persuasive Speaking, Informative Speaking, Poetry Interpretation, Film-making, and Prose Interpretation. Every year, SAHS UIL teams compete in Invitational, District, Regional, and State tournaments. For each of the last three years, SAHS students have brought home the honor of being UIL Academic District Champions. Our students have achieved this distinction by accumulating more overall points, medals, and wins in academic contests than any other participating high school at our UIL District tournaments.

Recent Posts

"It's About Us" (Featuring our technology students)

This film showcases my technology students over a span of the last few years. These are students who are learning to operate audio-video equipment and computers and perform advanced operations in software applications, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Office, in upper level classes like Film-making, Graphic Design, and Business Information Management. Students in these classes become proficient in planning and creating original projects with professional-level applications that are highly valued and widely used in most career fields.

Student Portfolios in Graphic Design

Students in graphic design learn to communicate with text, color, shapes, and powerful messages, using Adobe Photoshop primarily. SAHS offers two courses, Graphic Design and Advanced Graphic Design. Students may also choose Graphic Design as their pathway and endorsement for graduation.

2016 UIL Academics Awards

Our UIL Academics students performed extremely well this year. Most of the students who competed in District competitions advanced to Regional tournaments. We took home many ribbons and plaques from Region. Afterwards, eight students traveled to Austin with us for the State UIL tournament, competing in speaking events, journalism events and calculator. Three students placed at State and one won first place in her event.