San Augustine High School

Whole homecoming court
Front of the San Augustine High School
Wolf mascot with a poster
Student with mum
A wolf in the woods
Homecoming court
Kids dressing up for spirit week twin day
Three wolves howling
Football guys riding the homecoming float
Band marching downtown
State of Texas with the text: home of the wolves
Teacher celebrates homecoming week by dressing up

Our Mission

Our Children’s Future...Our Inspiration 

Our Vision:  Building a community of excellence by nurturing talents, inspiring learners, and developing leaders for an ever-changing world.

About Us

SAHS is committed to providing parents with timely information about our campus.  This web site is the heart of that effort.

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"Good Enough" is NOT Good Enough

How many times have you heard the phrase "all children can learn" spoken by a teacher or school administrator or posted on a school's web site?  It's one of those catch-phrases that educators use to show our commitment to educating all students.  

There's just one problem:  it states the obvious.  Of course all children can learn.  More importantly, all children do learn.  The question that we -- educators, parents, and the community -- need to ask is not can our children learn, but what will our children learn?  Will our children  be challenged to master the skills our modern society demands?  Will our children learn to dream, and be encouraged to take the risks needed to make those dreams real?  Will we demand excellence and settle for no less?

Right now, San Augustine High School is working to fundamentally change the way we look at education in rural East Texas.  "Good enough" is not going to be good enough for our students.  We are dedicated to creating a school that teaches our students to believe that hard work is the foundation of future success, no goal is beyond their reach, and the only barrier to achieveing a dream is one's own commitment to work toward it.

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  • • •  Welcome to San Augustine High School! • • •  Red & Black Is Where The Heart Is At! • • • ¡Bienvenidos a la Escuela Preparatorio San Augustine!

News and Announcements

Wolves 55-6 Over Deweyville! Wolves vs Wolves as next up is Wolfe City!

Black on Red Wolf Head Logo

The WolfPack move on in the playoffs with Red Wolves vs Blue Wolves in the next game! Game time and location details posted soon! There will be lots of howling at this game so HOWL your LOUDEST and PROUDEST! GO WOLVES! ... (the red ones!)

To view all the playoff action in 2A, go to this link

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